2.Playing with Numbers

Use of Brackets and Simplification of Brackets 21 Factors and Multiples 23 Odd and Even Numbers 23 Test of Divisibility 23 Prime and Composite Numbers 26 Co-prime Numbers 28 Twin Prime Numbers 28 Common Factors and Common Multiples 29 Prime Factorization 29 Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple (HCF and LCM)

1.Knowing Our Numbers

Looking Back 7 Place Value 7 Face Value 8 Expanded Form 8 Indian and International Systems of Numeration 9 Comparing Numbers 9 Ascending and Descending Orders 10 Formation of Greatest and Smallest Numbers Using the Given digits 11 Estimation 11 Round off to the Nearest Tens/Hundreds/Thousands/Ten thousands 12 BODMAS 15 Roman Numerals 16